Your own private campsite…

Please note that we are a pre-booked group and DoE campsite ONLY please read the camping page for details.

Are you a large family group wanting the privacy and safety of your own private campsite space? Children can run around in safety, close the gate and let them explore the campsite woods and play games in a space only occupied by your family and friends.

Do you run a group activity week and need a base to set out activities and camping but need sole use so you aren’t packing up every night? Shut the gate each night and you have sole access to the private campsite.

Are you looking for a private campsite for a friends gathering where you can enjoy the countryside, each others company but don’t want the noise and distraction of other groups? As long as you just want to play games, gather, chat and enjoy each others company the campsite is a peaceful area, we don’t have music or radios etc.

All details about booking are on the Campsite page.