Training Room

The archway area in our big barn has been converted into a large training room, called The Hayloft. The Hayloft is 8.5 m x 5.5m, centrally heated by radiators fed by the Ground Source Heat Pump. The Hayloft is flexible in its use, with a stone floor, multiple sockets and varied lighting, and 25 stackable chairs and 5 stackable tables are provided.  It makes an ideal space for a training room.  Costs vary according to group type and use. The Hayloft can be booked separately from residential groups or with a residential booking. We encourage use by local groups and those looking to work in the environment or community based activities.

The close proximity to the Farmhouse and other guest accommodation means it is not available as a venue for dining functions, late night use or noisy parties, and as such it is available to hire between 9am and 9pm only.

Suitable uses already found for the space are for group meetings, craft activities, outdoor training and preparation, art and exercise classes, professional business training and meeting space – this list is not limited – as the Hayloft becomes used by a wider diversity of groups we will add other possible uses.

Training Room rates vary from £120 per day .

If you are interested in booking the space call or mail and we will discuss your ideas.