Camping Huts

Campsite Closed For 2020 Season Due to Covid 19

Two timber built Camping Huts that offer dry, quiet and windproof camping for up to 3 people.

The Camping Huts are 8′ by 6′ inside and have natural light and an opening hatch for ventilation, a long shelf for bits and bobs and are lockable for security. The are just under 5′ tall and have a covered front area over the door for access and cooking. You still need to bring your mats and sleeping bags and electric torch.

How to book The Camping Huts

The Camping Huts are available to book for individuals or groups; the nightly cost is £25.

Please note the following points – gas torches, cookers or any other gas/petrol burner must not be used in the Camping Huts! A small fire extinguisher is located in each Hut. We ask you to leave the Hut as tidy as you find it, a brush will be hanging up somewhere in there.   Maximum capacity is 3 persons.